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History of Innovation AT&T TimelineBack

Kickstarted a months long process of building an interactive touch-screen timeline with the core design team at AT&T AdWorks by drawing up initial storyboards and developing the user-experience. Images pulled from creative director, Adam Perlis.

Role: Initial concept and early user flows, User-experience designs


These are early storyboards breaking down AT&T innovations into intuitive navigation. Initially, the team considered incorporating several categories and multi-media representations for each invention included in the timeline, including video, photo, audio, illustration, or even an interactive tool demonstrating the invention. During the process, the visual representation of the innovations were limted to photos and illustrations for cohesion, feasibility, and what was palatable for the audience. The categories were also edited down to five instead of seven so the experience would feel more palatable to users. 


Early concept pitches showing the structure and potential aesthetic directions for the interactive timeline.

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