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After being accepted to the MIT Reality Virtually Hack in 2019, teamed up with four talented, interdisciplinary strangers to help bring an AR demo to life. The developer of the project, Tyler Angert, had an initial idea of capturing "poetry in space" using AR technology, and we also all had mutual interests in memory and experimental storytelling. Together, Adriana Guiman, James Gong, Mira Sachdeva and I developed Tyler's idea further and it eventually evolved into short stop-motion photo streams that can be captured and saved in any location with a mobile device.

Role: User flows, user testing, UI/UX, branding + logo development

Created a tutorial mock-up for the developer to follow, explaining how the app works. The app and tutorial were modified after valuable insights from user-testing:

An early stage physical mock-up of literal poetry in space (The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost).

Map functionality mock-up. The application had functionality, using ESRI, that would actually allow a user to save their photo path in the location where they took it.

Team photos: leading an initial user flow draft, and team receiving an award for best integration of GIS mapping software ESRI.