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We developed a design system that encompassed over 30 templates to be filled with data for a new weather network that would be primarily viewed through a mobile app.

Launching a completely new network meant launching a completely new brand and look, as well as a full working set of weather templates. We created templates to account for every type of weather scenario where data might need to be presented on-air. We passed these templates to the Weather Presentation team, who would then fill the templates with live data. We also needed to expand the core brand that had been developed for the network as the graphic needs of the network expanded, and we adapted and added to a core icon set that had been created by another third party design agency. Essentially, we were responsible for maintaining the emergent design system of Fox Weather, however its graphics needs might change or grow as it neared its launch (as well as in the aftermath of the launch).

Client: Fox Weather

Role: Data Visualization Designer

An important piece of the layout puzzle was utilizing a side panel area that would always sit to the right of a video screen in a particular screen setup. We began by designing the winter alert side panel, which was modular by nature; pieces could be switched out and flipped around depending on which data needs to be shown. We also created a fire alert side panel, hurricane side panel, and a flight data side panel. 

Furthermore, we needed to adapt our designs to the "promo bug" space, which is the rectangle in the lower right corner of the screen, so that shorthand information can be conveyed when the side panel is not showing. Below is the winter alert side panel in-action during live coverage, and also all the different variations of side panels that could show up in the same space.

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