This is My Memory of First Heartbreak, Which I Can't Quite Piece Back Together | Back

The viewer of this digital point & click narrative experience is transported to the world of a high school romance, and immersed into its Midwest, suburban environment. Viewers experience

the nuances of these contextual clues through a series of memory fragments, as relayed to you through the eyes of the protagonist, our rememberer. From a memory of playing a game in a tree house with friends, to breaking into a public pool one summer night, the story alludes to a sense of being young, simultaneously losing innocence and experiencing “firsts”, while navigating complicated feelings about what it means to love and to lose someone. The key characters are the two silhouetted figures who face one another relentlessly throughout the piece, as they drift through time and space.

To play, a user clicks on a memory object, which leads to a connected scene. The scene plays; the characters move with limited animation and they speak through dialogue boxes on the screen, like a comic. When the scene ends, memory objects that are visible in the scene become clickable and lead a reader to the next scene.

Structurally, many forms were explored that could be emotionally appropriate for the story. The intention was to represent a memory the way a memory should be told, which is to say, dynamically, ever-changing, and swirling infinitely on loop, like something you turn over in your head. Below are some of the structural investigations.

Nominated for IndieCade independent games festival (2016)

Selected for ComicsxGames at Toronto Comic Arts Festival (2017)

Wordhack: Installed Anniversary Show at Babycastles video game art gallery (2017)