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From 2016-2020, I regularly distilled down information and complex stories into charts, photographs, diagrams, maps and illustrations for use within articles or as stand-alone graphics for Major League Baseball's website, Graphics were also often used for social media, and occasionally for broadcast or print. I was also responsible for research, project management and sourcing of the graphics if I was not producing them myself. I collaborated with editors, producers, statisticians, and staff reporters to translate history, rankings and trades into visual aids. These graphics were developed from concept through to production, both independently and in teams, and successfully upped engagement across MLB digital channels. 

Featured Project: How They Were Built Charts | Back to Top

Developed in 2016, this is a re-designed version of an annual chart depicting how each of the players on the 25-man postseason Major League Baseball rosters arrived on the team. Scroll through to see the campaign across MLB social feeds and website. 2016-2019. 

How The Were Built

Featured Project: Wild Card Horserace Daily Graphic | Back to Top

A series of graphics visually tracking the 2017 American League Wild Card standings with accompanying blog posts for one of Major League Baseball's editorial arms, Cut4. Daily stats were tracked and output as still images, and then stitched together into a GIF celebrating the two teams that would ultimately play in the American League Wild Card game, the Yankees and the Twins.

Wid Card Horserace
american league wild card horse race

Featured Type of Editorial Graphic: Skyscraper | Back to Top

Developed over the course of 2016-2019, these types of long, scrolling graphics were created for blogs and articles, sometimes as stand-alone stories, or in conjunction with an editorial article.

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