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In the final months of the project before its publication, took on the role of organizing and producing visual assets of the book and re-purposing them for the digital, interactive version. The book's premise is that it moves back and forth through time and various plot points occur throughout these shifts, but the story always focuses on one room of a house (which is based on the artist's childhood home). Collaborated with the artist and the developer to create an interaction system for what happens when users click a frame in the digital version in terms of what images they might see next and also how images might be thematically linked when they are not linear. 


When readers click the 1962 frame of a family photo taken on the couch, the background and other frames on the page stay the same, but that frame advances to a 1964 family photo on the couch. When the frame is clicked again and again, readers are taken through a progression of family photos over the years in sequence, which are on separate pages in the print version of the book.

HERE click thru fade.png
HERE click thru.png






Fade to Background

The final version allows readers to click on any frame within any scene. Sometimes, the reader is led through a progression of images linked linearly to other frames throughout the book, such as a family being photographed over time, but sometimes the connection between frames when clicked is more abstract, such as "people whose faces are hidden," for example. Also responsible for managing language translations.

Client: Pantheon Books, Richard McGuire

Role: UX Design & Production

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