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Life of/ is an annual visual prototyping challenge at the MFA Visual Narrative program at School of Visual Arts. At the end of the semester, students present visual stories based on randomly selected "defining moments" in the life of a single character borrowed from a world and story created in the first-year Narrative Writing class. Students tell visual stories demonstrating how those defining moments helped shape or reinforce the character's motivations and core disciplines throughout their life line. The class is tasked to work quickly and efficiently to convey an engaging visual narrative by being resourceful, working non-preciously, and scoping the presentations of the stories to the short amount of time at hand, letting story lead the way. The photos above were taken by Anna Eveslage at the 2019 project launch.


The project is the last three weeks of the semester, and is the culmination of visual narrative principals they have learned throughout the semester. Phases of the project include initial summaries, splitting story points into visual beats, storyboards, and then production.