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Teach to a philosophy that all visual sequential projects regardless of technique or media, ranging from comics to photography, animation or video, can benefit from a focus on narrative theory and pattern recognition. Shifting creative attention to storytelling and story editing is ultimately a shift to systems thinking, which can not only develop and refine workflows, but also make interdisciplinary collaboration more seamless and accessible.

Teaching & Workshops Listed:


VNG-6520-F: Thesis Faculty Advisor (Fall 2023)
VNG-6210-A: Visual Research, School of Visual Arts (Summer 2022-2023)
VNG-6150-A: Shaping your Story, School of Visual Arts (Summer 2019-2021)

VNG-5040-A: Black & White Plus One Color - Life Of/, School of Visual Arts (Summer 2017-2020)

Integrated Digital Media Thesis Mentorship, New York University (Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019)


Story Of/ Workshop , School of Visual Arts, New York City (2017-2019)
Baking a Poem, Wordplay Festival, Toronto (2017)
Academy Design Thinking Workshop, Academy UX & Design Thinking Agency, New York City (2017)
Drawing The Book Thief, The Big Draw & One Book One Chicago, Chicago (2013)

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